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Awareness is Essential

Apples vs. Oranges?

It is very expensive to market new vegetables to customers. A new product means marketing costs for businesses; customer awareness costs a lot of money. Therefore there is very strong resistence from stores to introduce new fruits and vegetables to market. You can travel the world – yet, walk into any grocery store produce section and they look almost identical – all year round. The fact is, there is no money in real food – because it can’t be mass-produced! This is why we need to go back to the grower who does it for more than money.

When you become a member of our CSA, you get to learn about fruits and vegetables that grow well where we live. It is our pleasure to teach people about our produce. How to cook it, what health benefits it has, how long it’s in season, etc. It’s the next best thing to growing your own – and it’s our hope that members will also go and grow their own fruits and vegetables – and perhaps even start their own CSA!

Quality & Nutritional Value

An apple grown today is much larger in size, but has only 1/30th of the amount of nutrition of the smaller apple that was grown many years ago. It may taste like an apple, smell like an apple and look like an apple… but it’s mostly fluff. Chemists figured out many years ago (back when the apple had more nutrition) that just by giving a plant chemicals NPK - nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) – you could enable an apple tree to grow larger fruits. So after the war was over, the farmers became the new market for chemical companies.

With local organic produce you feel the difference more then anything else (although, it tastes really good too!). Real food gives you increasing energy over a much much longer period of time. You feel better, clearer, smarter, lighter etc.


So, considering that the apple now has 1/30th of the nutrition, has the price reduced to 1/30th? No, apples are still expensive. Are the farmers 30 times richer? No. So who is getting the benefit? Good question.

Our CSA is $75 for 4 harvests. Each harvest gives you enough organic produce to really feed a family of five. Let’s say price was determined on nutritional value. Let’s say that produce was evaluated by nutrition content instead of weight. A person may argue that 30 lame apples is better then one nutritionally superior orange because it has more weight and fills more bellies. But water fills bellies, too. How much energy does the apple take to digest compared to how much energy it gives? Maybe the apple should be paying us to spread its seed since the fruit takes more energy then it gives! I’m just kidding, but in my opinion, we need to rethink value.

Some food for thought.